Programming and Software Development

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Focusing on your needs and the best possible service, I fully undertake the analysis, design and development of your application.

Quality is important

99% of problems in software come from programmer mistakes or oversights. We’ve all been somewhere where the “system is down”. Sometimes it’s just irritating, but other times it might have important consequences.

Software development is a science but also an art, and it demands correct preparation as well as concentration during the process. The post of the software developer assumes a responsibility and as such care must be taken from the beginning of the project in order to avoid significant problems that could appear in the long run.

My priorities in software development

The application must be stable, effective (correctly perform what it’s supposed to do) and user-friendly so the users can get their work done without having to face “peculiarities” which are often found in custom-made software.

Main software development tools

For application development I mainly use C#. In the past I’ve worked extensively with Visual Basic and VB .NET.

For applications demanding concurrent data access I mainly use MySQL while for simpler needs I use SQLite. If there are special requirements I can work with other databases or DBMSs.