Technical Support and Training

Please note that I’m no longer available for hire.
Thank you for your interest!

I offer a wide range of help, technical support and training services. Do you have a special need that is not listed here? Contact me to see if I can help you.


Do you feel that Windows is acting strange? Some software is misbehaving? Do you think you might be infected by a virus? Whatever your problem, I can usually help.

Help and finding solutions

If you’re looking for software with specific functionality or you want to perform a task with your computer and you don’t know how, I can research the software for you or find a solution so you ca achieve your goal.

Windows, software and peripheral installation

I format, perform Windows installation/upgrades and software installation in general. I also install peripherals (printers, scanners, gadgets etc).

Tutoring, Seminars and Training

Besides extensive experience in teaching basics like Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook and others, I’ve also tought programming languages and programming theory. This can be done individually or in groups.

Backup Services

If you’ve lost data, you’ve probably recognized the value of backup. It’s good to be organized before damage happens because it’s usually to late afterwards. Together we can set up a file backup scheme on your computer(s), or clone your hard disk to recover it in the future if needed.

Data Destruction

So you’re ready to trash your old system or sell your computer and want to be sure that your data won’t get into someone else’s hands? Deleting is not enough as all deleted files can be recovered if no other data has been written over them.

During data destruction we eradicate the data which effectively eliminates the possibility of recovery. I offer this service exclusively for ethical and lawful purposes.